Dextrous Lightweight Arm LWA 4D

Used and proven worldwide. The modular Design allows Flexibility.

The extremely rigid design and powerful drives make the SCHUNK LWA 4D Dextrous Lightweight Arm one of the most compact, powerful modular lightweight arms. It is lightweight and can dynamically move heavy loads of up to 10 kg. Constructed using SCHUNK's unique modular system, the arm can be adapted to various tasks as required by the application.

The LWA 4D is suited for measuring and inspecting tasks, but can also be used as a mine detector or with modern rehabilitation systems. The LWA 4D is integrated worldwide as a standard component of service robots. Combined with the sensitive SCHUNK gripping systems, the range of applications is perfected.

Your advantage:

  • Suitable for mobile applications
  • Low energy consumption at 24 V DC
  • High torque, speed and repeat accuracy for rapid acceleration
  • Short cycle times and high process stability
  • Complete integration of control, regulator and power electronics does not require a control cabinet
  • Compact quick-change system to quickly and easily assemble grippers and tools
  • Internal cabling with free wires
  • Expandable without disruptive cables
  • High power density and extremely compact
  • Lightweight construction and new design provide aweight/load capacity ratio of 2:1
  • Maneuverable and flexible
  • 7 axes provide redundancy during challenging handling tasks
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