The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA in Stuttgart is a pioneer in service robotics. The Care-O-bot® 3 flagship project needed a light and agile manipulator with a gripping hand to form the foundation for researching future applications. For this purpose, the IPA installed the SCHUNK high-performance lightweight arm based on PRL modules with light cast connections and the SCHUNK gripping hand SDH-2 with tactile sensors in its Care-O-bot® 3. The design is ideal for mobile use and fulfills all the requirements in minimal space

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Video: Care-O-bot 3
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Sample Applications:

Care-O-bot® 3

Care-O-bot® 3 is the latest generation of a mobile service robot designed to assist people in home environments. As a vision of a future household product it unites numerous innovations in the area of control, sensors and kinematics.


The goal of the project is the development, set-up and testing of a mobile assistance robots for everyday environments. These robots will be used in laboratories of life science companies and interact with laboratory personnel by taking care of transport tasks and stocking of stations.


Research on human-like cooperation with the help of humanoid service robots. The robot is based on an omnidirectional platform with a sensor head and two manipulators.

Robot walker

Concept study of a two-legged walking machine with 14 PowerCube rotational modules.