SCHUNK Mobile Gripping Systems.
Looking Towards the Future in Service Robotics. Right from the Start.

More than 20 years of experience in mechatronics makes SCHUNK one of the most important developer and supplier of mobile gripping systems in the field of service robotics worldwide. The mechatronic grippers, gripping hands, rotary modules, lightweight arms, and the modular system from SCHUNK are setting benchmarks today in the most varied applications.

Under economic terms, service robotics is gaining more and more importance. Therefore, the No. 1 in gripping consistently expands its vast module program for mobile gripping systems, with the aim to simplify its operation and control. No matter if the modules will be used in the professional or private environment – SCHUNK pushes the development ahead: Proactively, cooperatively, and networked.

Video: 5-Finger Gripping Hand SVH
Video: Care-O-Bot® 4, the new milestone in service robotics.
Video: SCHUNK 3-Finger Gripping Hand SDH
5-Finger Gripping Hand SVH
3-Finger Gripping Hand SDH
Dextrous Lightweight Arm LWA 4D
Electrical 2-Finger Parallel Gripper PG-plus 70
Electrical 2-Finger
Parallel Gripper EGP 40
Electrical 2-Finger Parallel Gripper WSG
Flat Change System FWS 115