Servo-electric 3-Finger Gripping Hand SDH

Taking the human hand as its model

The SDH multi-jointed 3-finger gripping hand masters form-fit and force-fit gripping of an extremely wide range of objects, which means it can be used both in service robotics as well as in industrial applications.

Two fingers can change their orientation, making the SDH suitable for an extremely wide variety of gripping scenarios, and characterizing it by high flexibility with regard to shape, size and orientation of the objects to be gripped.

Pressure and surface recognition is accomplished by an optional tactile sensor system. This means it is possible to detect during the gripping procedure whether the object has been optimally gripped or if a correction is required. The high maximum gripping force, similar to that of the human hand, can be sensitively monitored and controlled using the integrated sensors.

Your advantage:

  • Suitable for mobile applications
    Low energy consumption at 24 V DC
  • Precise, strength-regulated gripping
    of hard-to-grab objects
  • Secure gripping of serial parts
Video: SDH
Central grip
Cylindrical grip
Precision grip
Tactile sensor matrices
Technical data