Expert Days

The world's leading Symposium for applied Service Robotics

During the Expert Days, SCHUNK promotes the interdisciplinary exchange between its customers and robotics experts from all over the world to encourage the development of the sector as a whole, as well as achieving synergy effects in a targeted way.

Every year, at the end of February, the participants in the world's leading information event for service robotics can look forward to a feast of high-quality speakers from all over the world who present the latest trends, cutting-edge research projects and promising business models.

As a pioneer in service robotics and a leading expert for both clamping technology and gripping systems, SCHUNK develops standards with future potential. With the Expert Days, SCHUNK offers research industry and commerce specialists as well opportunity for an intensive exchange of ideas and a unique possibility to broaden their horizons. The event is always fully booked, and the enthusiastic response from the participants goes to show: SCHUNK is setting the trend for the future.

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